Once I had this absurdly high-minded notion that I could somehow create a blog that inspires actual intellectual debate, absent of the fractured thoughts of misinformed idiots and the pointless haranguing of trolls. Within minutes of sharing this thought I was informed that I’m probably not interesting or clever enough myself to drive this and that actually no one really cares about debate and the whole thing is impractical.

So off to a good start. I am however obstinate and, generally speaking, thoroughly impressed with myself in spite of all evidence, and will try anyway. This therefore is the beginning of a lifelong project of contributing my completely needless thoughts to the vast, all-engulfing world of the internet. If I’m still going in a month… well, I probably won’t be.


Rory MacGregor Kirkwood, another overly opinionated individual without even the modicum of decency required to only bother friends with his thoughts. Current affairs, politics, news media and other issues of significance might end up under my scalpel-like scalpel of truth and dryness.

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