Westminster’s Out for Summer

Ladies and gentleman, just a little update in order to speak of what’s to come. As summer passes over and Westminster goes quiet for a spell, there is analyses abound on the fates of the parties. The momentum shifts have been astonishing in the last several months, with the Tories on the verge of total breakdown as recent as springtime. The pendulum swings however, and all talk is now of how Labour can reassert their own message after a number of hugely positive turns for the government. Honestly, who needs TV when the political theatre is this rampant.

Where have UKIP gone? Have a few pints with Marina Hyde resolved Nigel Farage’s image dispute with his party? Unlikely, and although I’ve written off UKIP’s serious electoral prospects they remain a curious force of potential that will loom to some degree for the next two years. Those Liberal Democrats have managed to sooth the death rattle back into chronic respiratory issues territory, although one suspects the next chill will finish them. The Tories have had quite enough of coalition and off the back of ICM figures will be plotting bigger and better outcomes then they had previously.

And Labour… oh, Labour. You crippled lamb, wounded so, limping in the dark and piteously seeking a shred of light to guide you home. Only this Labour set up could have failed to emphatically capitalise on the opportunities of the past 6 months, and for every mutiny that Cameron survives and for every economic bullet that Osborne dodges, Miliband and Balls are further revealed to be hopeless. That the Conservatives control the narrative is almost implausible, but sure enough they do. More on this coming shortly.


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