America Braces Itself

All is bleak! Except for the UK weather, which for a change is flipping brilliant. But beyond the most limited of worldly observations however, things are pretty bleak. Refer to the previous article’s opening list for a brief and non-comprehensive overview of all that. Shining through the murk of so much conflict and global moral scandal is but one beacon of hope. A figure of politics that in 2008 took the world by storm, but has yet to live up to expectations, has announced the possibility of the most enticing spectacle of recent years.

That’s right folks, Sarah Palin is considering a run for the Senate. Her gradual side-lining by the Fox News organisation probably prompted this entirely disengenious ambition, as I think the jury has been long out on the true potential and suitability of this whirlwind of vapidity. Departing her position as Governor of Alaska mid-term wasn’t even the first major indictment of the calibre of the USA’s premier “mama grizzly” intellectual catastrophe, as paying any amount of attention to the 2008 elections would have informed you.

Whether it were the infamous Katy Couric interview, in which Palin couldn’t offer a single item from her likely non-existent reading list, news media or otherwise, the apparently necessary jotting of the most banal notes on her hand for rallies or even the simply infuriating nature of her folksy brand of general idiocy, it’s safe to say we weren’t prepared. If the race between McCain and Obama had been close prior to VP selection, it was from McCain’s utterly suicidal decision to nominate Palin that we could be certain that Obama had it in the bag.

It seemed like a joke at the time. Or rather a gift of the divinely comedic sort, that McCain picked her. A former sports journalist turned politician in a state that, courtesy of oil revenues, practically doesn’t need governing, we all laughed as she tried to promote foreign policy credentials based on Alaska being geographically close to Russia. After the Republican defeat at the election, and despite being able to consign that defeat almost exclusively to the fact that Palin was entirely unworthy of serious office, it was a case of bracing ourselves for a stellar trajectory.

Palin was successful in one metric and that was appealing to the socially conservative Republican base that McCain wasn’t exactly thrilling with his history of maverick, non-conformist positions. She whipped that backwoods gaggle up into a proper little fuss and their enthusiasm was possibly only stoked by the horrors of seeing an African American in the White House. The ocular dollar signs lit up and away she went, ditching her elected office in favour of the most rankly distasteful and commercialised book tour that ever was.

Fox News were at the time on the look out for any and every mouthpiece for arch-conservative diatribe they could find and it was no surprise when she took up a segment with that organisation of actual deception and misinformation. Gleefully she took to every opportunity to lambaste the incumbent administration. It was only fortunate that other firebrand anti-Obama orators had started to go overboard, with Glenn Beck notably becoming quite seriously unstable in his attacks, that the commercial window started closing on the Palin’s and Hannity’s of this world.

Now consider that fact, while I state that this isn’t just a hate piece against Palin and I am actually pleased to see her considering a return to real politics. Did you happen to watch the 2012 Republican primaries? It was a veritable freak show in political terms, a litany of the worst that the right wing of America had to offer, as dumbass after numbskull after halfwit competed for the affections of those that Palin had so enraptured from 2008 onwards. Between Romney, Bachman, Gingrich, Cain, Perry and Santorum was a stunning deficit of brainpower.

The Republicans are very slowly getting to grips with the idea that they cannot be the party of ‘stupid’, as Bobby Jindall so aptly put it before being internally eviscerated back into supporting stupid as the party theme. Right now they really truly are, and while you would think that is fine, it really isn’t. Because the stupid inside the Republican party is carrying and legitimatising a whole other lot of stupid in the country, which feeds back into the party in repetitive cycle that is in no light terms making the USA fundamentally politically weak.

So, as Fox News taking on one too many drooling Neanderthals to spin total rubbish leads to a significant step back, we could hope for a similar process in the political wing of US conservatism should Palin actually take a shot at the Senate. You can guarantee publicity, and with Palin I daresay ‘negative’ is a prerequisite attachment. With such publicity should come a further turning of the wheel away from these demagogue nightmares. There is talent within the Republican party, but it’s being hijacked.

Boehner, Cantor, the (thankfully) outgoing Bachmann… they and their company are a danger to US politics. Intractable, unthinking, unwilling, they operate in government with a bizarrely self-held mandate to ruin government in any form but their own. Fortunately they have neither tact nor scruples and their cynicism is coming home to roost. Bring it on Palin. Help America put this sad little chapter to bed.


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