Interlude Note

Apologies all ye expecting visitors, the last week or so has been consumed with private and professional affairs, and sadly the blog does need to take an occasional back seat. I’m just concluding said concerns and should be able to contribute regularly again shortly. I suppose it might also be a case of willing suspense of activity here, as actually the current affairs bug does need to rest from time to time. If I do say so myself, I was reasonably prolific in the past month or so, and without putting things down for a moment, one can get a little weary of paying so much attention to everything that’s happening.

Not the most convenient of times to momentarily lose the love, as names and words like Edward Snowden and Prism have dominated headlines. I was just showing some interest in the UK government’s revived interest in the Communications Data Bill and my distaste for all of that and so this obscene development out of the USA, courtesy of the NSA, will get some attention. Providing the next issue doesn’t come along and steam roller everything else. Conflict in Syria continues to rage unabated, if not further agitated by growing evidence of monstrous crimes committed by both sides and I’ve been desperately trying to write about this since giving the Middle-East a lot of attention at an earlier point.

There’s always something. Having just moaned and groaned about the fatigue of commentary, life is easy as a writer when inspiration presents itself with every other headline.


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