Also Coming Soon

Focus on a real job in combination with much time spent on a philosophical piece for counterpart blog TranquilSigh has resulted in this shocking dearth of material for ProlongedSigh. Don’t panic. The piece is nearing completion and I will be procastiblogging again at the first opportunity, especially given all the excitement of today’s telling council elections across England and Wales.

Will UKIP chew up the Tory share? Will Labour steal back those 2010 losses? Will the entire Liberal Democratic party commit nationally mandated harakiri for being so disgustingly… Liberal Democratic?

Do we care about Green at all? Is the UKIP surge a sign of a national lean to the right? Is this a concern for the Tories on party political grounds, or for Labour on basic ideological grounds? Do council elections actually mean anything at all when so much can dramatically change between now and the next general election?

If the answer to my last question is “No”, have I actually just written this article in its completion? Possibly, but I wouldn’t be a political and current affairs blogger if I didn’t find a way to say something about most things. Coming soon. Probably after whoever shouting the loudest on Question Time later informs me of my position.


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